Vintage paint Warm Latte

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Vintage Paint 

inhoud: 700ml

kleur: Warm Latte

Vintage Paint is een natuurlijkeverf met een eco merk NEN 71-3 en dus ook geschikt voor kinderspeelgoed te verven. Met deze verf kun je hout ,plastic, glas, glas ,ijzer ,muren enz, mee verven. Schuren is bij deze verf niet nodig, kom naar de winkel voor meer uitleg.


NATURAL MAT VINTAGE PAINT is a clean, natural, water-based and environmentally friendly paint and has been specially developed to give the authentic matt and chalky surface that used to be common to furniture.

It adheres to almost any surface (wood, metal, glass, plastic, fabric, ...) without special preparation and provides good coverage. You can use it on furniture, objects, walls, floors, tiles... The paint is odourless and dries very quickly. Due to the special binding agent, the paint is flexible and very resistant to wear, and therefore also very suitable for floors and stairs. Sanding is normally not necessary provided the ground is clean and the older paint layers do not come off.

Vintage Paint has the Ecolabel and is therefore clean and produced with respect for the environment.


Vintage Paint has the NEN 71-3 quality mark for responsible use on children's toys / furniture.

Mat Natural Vintage Paint can be used indoors and outdoors on:

  • walls

  • floors and stairs

  • furniture

  • objects

To make the paint dirt and water repellent you can finish it with our natural waxes or Varnish.